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Dubai Trip in the end month of the Year

Dubai is a city of dreams, and it’s the perfect destination for travelers who want to experience something truly magical. From the towering skyscrapers to the beautiful beaches, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. With its amazing attractions, world-class shopping malls and delicious cuisine, there are countless reasons why you should visit Dubai.
A Dubai tour package can help make your trip even more memorable. With these packages, you can explore all that this city has to offer without having to worry about planning every detail of your trip yourself. From luxurious accommodations and exciting activities to unique cultural experiences and delicious food, a Dubai tour package will take care of everything so that you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!
How to Plan An 8 Day Dubai Trip
During the Christmas holidays is the BEST time to visit Dubai. We travelled from India to Dubai from December 22 to December 29 last year. We were able to nearly cover all “Economic” locations.
We departed from Bangalore on a round-trip ticket that cost 24k per person and was bought about a month in advance of our journey date. The flight was nonstop, so we could arrive in Dubai the same evening.
Regarding VISA, you must submit an online application, which takes 3–5 business days to process and costs $6,000 per applicant. If you have booked your flight, you can apply for a visa on the same day, as the date of your journey is already known. If you have a US visa, you can obtain a visa upon arrival for around $3,000, assuming that your passport is valid for at least six months on the day you arrive in Dubai. However, we did not want to take any chances because we arrived in Dubai on a Thursday and Friday and Saturday are business days off in Dubai.
Since you now have a ticket and a VISA, there are a few prerequisites to meet. You must carry sufficient cash on hand and exchange it when the exchange rate is favorable. If you have an international credit or debit card, it is acceptable as well. However, I am uncertain about the additional fees. Thus, we carried cash with us.
Dubai’s public transportation network within the city is quite well-developed. With Metro and Bus Service. You must purchase a NOL CARD. It is valid on the Metro, Tram, Boat, and Taxis. In Dubai, the card can be used for all kinds of transportation.

Dubai Airport:

Day 1: Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi Cornish, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and The LAST EXIT in Abu Dhabi.

The following morning, we intended to travel to Abu Dhabi. The YAS Mall and Ferrari World are nearby. We did not visit any rides at Ferrari World due to their high cost. The only time we spent there was in the morning.
Mall Entry Fee: Free
Rides: 385 AED/Person
Ferrari World is located within YAS Mall.
We visited Abu Dhabi Cornish in the evening after lunch. There is not much to see here (you can ignore it), but we spent time there anyhow. Abu Dhabi and Cornish
We left Cornish and arrived at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the evening. It is a must-see destination, and the architecture is magnificent. Include this on your itinerary if you are planning a vacation to the UAE. Sheikh Zayed Mosque pictured
On the return trip, we stopped at THE LAST EXIT. The restaurant’s design is quite unique, and you will certainly appreciate it. THE LAST EXIT IMAGE

DAY 2: Sharjah Birds and Animal Market, Palm Jemeirah, Dubai Festival City.

The following morning, we went to the Sharjah Birds and Animal Market, where birds and animals are for sale. You may choose to overlook the fact that the market is really small.
PIC: Dubai Birds and Animal Market
From Sharjah, we flew to Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago that appears attractive from above. This will be discussed a bit later.
It was a lot of fun to end Day 2 at Dubai Festival City, a mall where New Year Special magic shows were staged. There was also music and a water show. Dubai Festival City image
The first two days were somewhat sluggish due to the extensive travel.

DAY 3: We started our visit within Dubai.

Day three includes the Mall of Emirates, the Miracle Garden, and the Butterfly Garden.
Mall of Emirates is one of Dubai’s largest shopping centres. You can spend some time there, and a bus is required to reach Miracle Garden from Mall of Emirates.
Mall of the Emirates pictured
From there, you must take a bus to Miracle Garden, which must be incorporated into your itinerary. You will appreciate every aspect of the wonderful setting.
Adult Admission is 50 AED per Person
PIC: A setup within Miracle Garden.
Miracle Garden is within walking distance of Butterfly Garden, where butterflies will land on you and you can play.
From Miracle Garden, you can again take a shuttle bus to the Mall of Emirates and then proceed to your hotel.

DAY 4: Dubai Museum, Dubai Frame, Zabeel Park, Marina Walkway, Boating, Tram and Marina Mall.

The following day, we began our journey to the Dubai Museum. The Dubai Museum is around one kilometre from the Al Fahidi Metro Station, which we exited. The entrance cost is 2 AED, and you can stay around one hour in the vicinity.
You can visit Gold Souq and Spice Souq from there, but we did not because we also had to visit other locations. Once more, we walked to the Al Fahidi Metro station to get a bus to Dubai Frame.
Constructed a year ago, DUBAI FRAME is a must-see attraction. It provides a view of ancient Dubai on the left and new Dubai on the right. At about 150 metres in height, you may enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city.
Input: 50 AED
Old Dubai perspective from Dubai Frame:
New DUBAI on the other bank:
There is a large park near Dubai Frame where you may relax for a while.
After an afternoon spent at the Frame, we began our way to Marina Mall. To reach the Marina Walkway, we were required to take a subway and then a tram. After a quick stroll, we arrived at Marina Mall and boarded the subway once more to end a tiring day.
The Dubai Mall, the Bhurj Khalifa, and the Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

Day 5. Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall were the stations where we were required to exit the metro.

We were unable to get Bhurj Khalifa tickets from the official website because we visited Dubai during its busiest season, December. Each slot was occupied. Then we utilised the Headout app and obtained the package for 190 AED. It included the Bhurj Khalifa, the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium, and the Dubai Underwater Zoo.
If you intend to visit Bhurj Khalifa, you must book in advance. Early morning and evening peak hours incur a surcharge. We made a reservation for lunchtime.
You may only ascend to the 135th floor.
From Bhurj Khalifa, one can see:
Sunset from Bhurj Khalifa:
And when you return to Dubai Mall from Bhurj Khalifa, you can explore the mall’s Underwater Aquarium.

DAY 6: Desert Safari and Desert Camping

After a really deep sleep on the sixth morning, we departed with one of the tour operators for a Desert Safari. There are numerous, and you can choose based on ratings; the operator we hired charged us 200AED per person, which we learned later was quite pricey. Also reserve this to avoid last-minute complications. The jeep picked us up at 2:30, and the desert was a 45-minute drive from where we were staying. Desert safari was a beautiful experience that you will surely appreciate.
Recommend: Consume a meal at least 2 hours before your Journey begins.
Then, we were transported to a camp where dinner is accompanied by other activities.
1. Ancient Arabi Dance 2. Fire Dance After belly dancing and dinner, you will be dropped off at your hotel.
This day is optionally reserved for shopping and a trip to Lamer Beach. Since we had time, we chose to do so.
Visit Day to Day if you would like to purchase prototypes, models, etc. This location is quite close to the Dubai Al Fahidi Metro station.


If you visit Dubai between October and March, you can go to GLOBAL Village, where people from every country sell their Unique Products. There are games that can be played for a few AEDs. As it was our last day in Dubai and we were already exhausted, we did not have the time.
The morning of DAY 8 was spent packing in preparation for our nighttime flight.
We spent too many days there in order to maximise our utilisation of public transportation. If you are willing to spend a few additional AEDs on a taxi or a Big Bus, you can visit these locations in a week.


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